Fall Break Musings

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Fall break has been a vitally important time for me to catch up on all things Suzuki and SAA; the podcasts on iTunes and the Parents as Partners videos have b.....Read More

Raising the Level of "Bad"

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I played a new piece last night at the "Ecology and Art" evening here at the Cello Springs Festival. The performance took place the the Glen Helen Ecology education center, which is a part of Antioch College here in Yellow Springs, OH.  I am surrounded by OUTSTANDING cellists, many of them younger than my children, who are 27 and 23 years old. Among them, an already-featured-in-"the Strad" rising international star and competition winner, two incredib.....Read More

Quiet Eyes...

Published: Sep 13, 2016  |   Category: Uncategorized

With a number of new students entering the studio, I thought I would share a tip on practice and performance that is central to my approach, but that I sometimes forget to talk about in the "heat of the moment" during a lesson or in preparation for a performance or audition.  The idea is to try to maintain "soft" or "quiet" eyes when we fel nervous, tense or pressured about a performance. It's a concept that is most effective in the practice .....Read More

Arm Weight!

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In the last few weeks, I've noticed that I have been talking a lot in lessons about the bow arm, about tone production and ARM WEIGHT, relaxation in the the bow arm, and its relationship to tone. Incredibly, I came across this excellent article over the  weekend at CelloFest, while tooling around the internet with my cello nerdy colleagues. I post this for all of you, and hope you will take the time to read it. It's worth it!  http://cellopracticecelloperformance.....Read More

A bit of perspective on Make Up lesson policies...

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Many of you know that I subscribe to a magazine called "The Strad", and have seen it in the enormous pile of magazines on my coffee table in the studio. Below is the link to an excellent article on the motivation for practice, and as Suzuki parents, its something we often struggle with. In our lessons, I strive to show students how to practice (or practise, if you're British)  at home, but sometimes the parental wish to just "get the job done" can challenge us to fin.....Read More

Dipping your toe into CelloLand.

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The results of my "What kind of Music Do You REALLY Listen To?" survey are in. Based on your responses, and in the spirit of expanding possibilities, here are my sugg.....Read More

Cello Study and YouTube

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Hello everyone! A number of you have referred to YouTube as a way of learning your new pieces and checking out things like bow directions and  articulation. Let the viewer beware, however!! Not  all videos are created equal!! As "the worlds' fussiest cello teacher" (a title I proudly own),  you know that I want you to see the very best examples of both playing and pedagogy; those which support my aim of teaching artistry from day ONE! I will be posting links t.....Read More